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Special Thanks

The producers of Robert Alaniz's THE VISION would like to thank
the following businesses for the use of their facilities:

Empire Books (Frankfort, IL)
Cafe Milan (Frankfort, IL)
Network Commercial Real Estate, LLC (Tinley Park, IL)
Beacon Hill Antique Shop (Orland Park, IL)
Nancy's Pizza (Mokena, IL)
New Lenox Village Hall (New Lenox, IL)
Kosta's Restaurant (Frankfort, IL)
Oak Forest Bowl (Oak Forest, IL)
The Frankfort Station Newspaper Offices (Orland Park, IL)
Calvery Academy Junior High (South Holland, IL)
Bridgeview Police Station (Bridgeview, IL)

A "special thanks" goes to the following individuals or businesses for their contributions to the production:

Hal Schwartz and Neil Haleem
Barb Kuebler
Darrell and Andrea Bergeron
Shirley and Owen Hulse
Chuck Stark
Lauren Traut
Dave and Sandy Bachelder
Pastor Nick Ahrens
Diana Nuzzo
Carol Alaniz
Sam Haleem
TRACE Ambulance Service

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